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Weichimei Tech

WEICHIMEI TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL (SHENZHEN) CO.,LTD. is a professional technology manufacturer of wiring accessories, dedicated to wiring equipment mold design, product development, mass production and sales. We are specialized in the production of LED spacer support, PC board accessories, adhesive tie mounts, nylon cable ties, electronic plastic fasteners, connectors, terminals and other products, and undertake OEM and ODM plastic product production. Our products are widely used in home appliances, electronic equipment, and etc.

Our company has advanced clean injection molding workshops and mold workshops, and we have injection molding equipment, machining center, EDM spark machine, milling machine and other mechanical equipment, and can produce 30~40 sets of plastic injection molds per month. Nowadays, we are exporting our products to many countries. With our philosophy in quality, service, honesty and responsibility, we have been awarded the ISO9001 international quality certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, both of which prove that only the customer first is the cornerstone of the industry and the driving force of our growth. Our company has professional equipment, business, production and quality inspection teams, and we are dedicated to serve our customers with enthusiasm. Quality is what we have been pursuing, and we always put our customers as our first priority. We will continue to understand the needs of the market, with a wider range of products, with excellent service level, and excellent quality to meet the support and loves of our loyal customers.

Today, with the rapid development of technology, we will continue to innovate and change, improve the environmental awareness, protect the Earth, enhance the competitiveness in our industry, and keep pace with the times. We look forward to creating a better tomorrow together with you.

品质保障 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商



权威认证 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商


产品经SGS RoHS检验鉴定

厂家授权 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商



More than 40 years
Striving for excellence and innovation

All along the way, we’ve been supported by our faith
A belief, called “坚” determination


Our History

Starting with injection molding, but not not limited to plastic fasteners


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WSS official website and E-shop are launched

Reach Compliance 1 1 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
SA certification 1 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
CE 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
ISO9001 1 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
sgs 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
ISO14001 1 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
UL certification 1 1 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商
Rohs icon 1 专业电子塑胶零配件制造商

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